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Scouting Links

  • Scouts NewEngland (SNE)
    The Largest Scouting information resource in New England for all BSA members. You'll find all sorts of information here on Scouting for over 21 BSA Councils from the six states of Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont.

  • The Scouts NewEngland Network (SNE_NET)
    One of the worlds largest Scouting E-mail List Groups. It has members in 75 Countries and all 50 States in America. It is a great resource for every level of Scout Leadership that will help improve your Scouting program. You can compare notes, discuss problems and find answers all your Scouting questions. You will learn about the latest Scouting News (stories published by the News Media), leader training programs, special events, ceremonies, games, skits, songs, recipes, tips, new ideas, trip reports, places to camp, and all kinds of other useful Scouting information. You will also will hear about the latest web sites with good Scouting related material and you will learn how to really enjoy Cyber-Scouting on the World Wide Web. Plus you'll make new Scouting friends and contacts all over the world.

  • The World Wide Scout Exchange
    Offers over 200 FREE Scouting List Groups including one for each of the 50 states in America and all 150 countries that have Scouting programs. Each groups has their own message archive, chat room, and more. Make new friends, learn new ideas and Scouting info and trade Scouting items in any of these clubs. Visit this web site for a complete list of club links.

  • The Boy Scout OA and CSP Traders
    This FREE List Group is open to anyone interested in trading Order of the Arrow items and Council Shoulder Patches. They have a message archive, chat room and more. Just click on the words "Join this Group" when you visit their web site.

  • Nashua Valley Council #230, BSA
    This is the Boy Scout Council that our troop belongs to.

  • The Grand Monadnock Lodge, #309, Section NE-1B
    The Order of the Arrow Lodge for the Nashua Valley Council, BSA.

Massachusetts Links

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